Bloomery Decor x Loomwell collab

Bloomery Decor's collaboration with Loomwell introduces a wallpaper collection drawing inspiration from rustic florals and the cozy charm of cottage life. This fusion of nature-inspired designs and cottage-core aesthetics aims to bring the serenity of rural life to contemporary interiors. Delicate floral motifs evoke nostalgia for simpler times, while rustic influences infuse warmth and whimsy. The result is a collection that transforms living spaces into tranquil retreats, celebrating the timeless beauty of nature in a modern context.

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Bloomery Prints creative studio specialises in unique surface pattern design for womenswear, swimwear, interior and stationery brands.
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Whether you're looking for hand-painted florals, paisley motifs, watercolour botanicals, digital collages or abstract artwork, the print library is updated weekly with a collection of seamless and ready-to-use patterns infused with a vintage and bohemian style.

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Relying on 20+ years of industry expertise, I can help you with a range of design services, from creative direction to commissioned artwork and repeat patterns. Inspired by your brief and Bloomery Print's signature style, I create unique and on-trend designs fitting your requirements, time line and budget. 

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